Our staff

Meet the staff at Clarice Cliff Primary School


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs D. Broadhurst – Head Teacher (Safeguarding officer)

Mrs E. Day – Deputy Head Teacher (Safeguarding officer)

Mrs C. Harvey – Assistant Head Teacher - Inclusion and Behaviour Lead

Mrs S. Hall – Assistant Head Teacher – Infant Leader

Mr R.Snape - Assistant Head Teacher - KS2 Leader

Miss J. Foxall - School Business Manager

Foundation Stage


Mrs Collins – Nursery Teacher

Mrs K. Hazledine – Early Years Practitioner (Nursery) Kittens Key Worker

Miss L. Woodings – Educational Associate (Nursery) Chicks Key Worker

Mrs N. Knapper – Educational Associate (Nursery) Bunnies Key Worker


Mrs S. Hall – Reception Butterflies Teacher

Miss J Stubbs – Reception Ladybirds Teacher

Mrs E. Wilshaw – Early Years Practitioner 

Mrs S Frankland – Teaching Support Assistant 

Miss M Wright - Classroom Assistant

Additional Support for Nursery and Reception

Mrs L Latos - Senior Teaching Asststant

Mrs J.Halket – Special Needs Welfare Practitioner / Educational Associate

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Miss C Boote – Year 1 Van Gogh Teacher

Miss S. Ashiq – Year 1 Picasso Teachers

Miss Z. Nawaz – Teaching Support Assistant 

Mrs K. Mills – Educational Associate 

Year 2

Mrs M. Taylor - Y 2 Matisse Teacher (Head of KS1)

Mr J.Longstaff – Year 2 Carle Teacher

Mrs S. Wilbraham – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs K. Woodward – Senior Teaching Support Assistant 

Additional Support for KS1

Mrs A. Elliott – Reading Recovery Teacher


Key Stage 2

Year 3


Miss S. Grayson – Year 3 Warhol Teacher

Miss J Adams - Year 3 Bridgewater Teacher

Miss H Fenske - Teaching Support Assistant

Mrs J Latham - Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Walshaw - Teacher Support Assistant

Miss Z Proudlock - Teacher Support Assistant

Year 4

Mrs J. Snape – Year 4 Renoir Teacher

Miss C Roper  – Year 4 Monet Teacher

Mrs H. Foy – Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Capewell – Senior Teaching Assistant 

Miss E Bloor - Teacher Support Assistant

Additional Support For Y3 & Y4

Miss S Hodgkiss - Teacher Support Assistant

Mrs A Elliott - Reading Recovery Teacher

Year 5

Mr R Snape – Year 5 Lowry Teacher

Mrs Z Boulton – Year 5 Turner Teacher

Mrs W. Rushton – Teaching Support Assistant 

Mrs C. Brough – Senior Teaching Support Assistant 

Mrs S Sardar - Teacher Support Assistant

Mrs T Burns - Teacher Support Assistant


Year 6

Mrs J Saleem – Year 6 Mondrian Teacher

Miss E Salt – Year 6  Kandinsky Teacher

Miss K McDonald – Teaching Support Assistant 

Miss S Hodgkiss - Teacher Support Assistant

Mrs C Watson - Teacher Support Assistant

Additional support staff for Y5 & Y6

Mrs A Elliott - Reading Recovery Teacher

Mrs K Barlow - Senior Teaching Assistant

Additional Support Staff

Mrs A Mellor (Teacher), Miss E Heaney (Teacher)

Office Staff

Miss J. Foxall - School Business Manager

Mrs N. Rushton – Office Manager

Mrs J. Jackson – Administrative Assistant (Receptionist/Reprographics)

Mrs C. Rowley – Administrative Assistant (School meals and attendance)

Miss S Boyles - Administration & Finance Assistant

Pastoral Team

Mrs C. Harvey – Assistant Head / Inclusion and Behaviour Lead

Miss S. Hudson – School Liaison Officer (Safeguarding Team)

Mr S. Murphy – Behaviour Support Manager

Miss G Pattison – School Counsellor

Mr D. Reiser – Speech Therapist

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs C. Brough – Lead KS 2 Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs C. Watson – Lead KS1 Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Thirlaway – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs S. Amison – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs G. Fox – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs T. Kasim – Lunchtime supervisor

Miss Z. Nawaz – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs N. Crawford – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs G. Harbron – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs E Hardie – Lunchtime supervisor

Miss M. Wright – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs S. Hyland – Lunchtime supervisor

Miss S. Hodgkiss – Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs G Bloor - Lunchtime upervisor

Mrs K. Lancett – Catering supervisor

Mrs J. Hepworth – Assistant Catering Supervisor

Site Staff

Mr P. Smith – Assistant Site Supervisor

Mrs G. Fox – Janitor

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Dates for Your Diary

Friday 17th May - Non-uniform - Stanley Matthew's day

Thursday 23rd May - School Closed for Elections

Friday 24th May - Friday 31st May - Half term


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Please click here to see some useful parent guides for keeping children safe on line. Printed copies can be obtained from the school office.


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